Eliminate the hassles associated with test adjusting your pliers to achieve the correct size by settling for the Knipex 8701560 22-Inch Cobra Pliers. To be specific, the Knipex 8701560 allows the user to position the upper jaw to the workpiece, push a button and proceed to close the lower jaw for tight results. This unit also provides the power and comfort reminiscent to that of a water pump pliers while being compact sized and providing better gripping capacity that the conventional pipe wrenches. It can also grip a broad pipes coupling and weighs has a compact size that is reminiscent to that of pipe wrenches, which have a lower gripping capacity. The compact yet practical size easily qualifies as the most robust pliers on the market. It also comes with a self-locking induction re-enforced gripping teeth along with a self-locking adjustment, such that once you grip on something, it stays. Users will also appreciate the no slip mechanism that reduces the need for additional squeezing strength- thereby helping to guarantee user safety at all times. The cobra`s unique jaw setting allows to grip any object- round, flat, hex or square and it eliminates nut burring that mitigates the effects of stripping nuts, bolts, and pipes. More so, the new design has been shown to provide 30 more percent gripping power than conventional pliers. With just a simple push of the unique Knippex trigger button adjustment, the pliers can maintain the ideal jaw size setting thus providing the perfect opening every time. The entire procedure is done with just one hand for hassle-free operation especially in small spaces. Similar to all Cobra units, these particular pliers are made using a special type of steel mixed with various element along with top quality metal alloys that are oil tempered to provide the ultimate durability. Its unique head structure helps the user get into small spaces, which other pliers cannot such that there is no need to alter tools when working in tight spaces. With its comfortable and ergonomic design, this unit provides an inbuilt safety feature that prevents the chances of suffering from repetitive motion injuries.


Pliers became a standard tool in the commercial industry especially during the 1800`s after people started discovering its unique functionalities and benefits. The conventional pliers would be used with metals that required manipulation particularity in conditions with immense temperatures. For instance, carrying an item requiring exposure to high temperatures by utilizing something other than conventional methods became a common practice for blacksmiths and various metal professionals. It had taken quite a significant amount of time before people noticed that the pliers have much more applications than just manipulating objects under high temperature. In fact, the contemporary slip joint pliers can be used to cut and bend objects as well as becoming a unique solution for plumbing, cosmetic and electrical industries.  Furthermore, this Pliers is also ideal for DIY enthusiasts and perhaps novice users who want to expedite a renovation or repair job for their property without having to invest in a service provider.


Simply put, the ideal split joint pliers should feature a particular type of pliers whereby the fulcrum or pivot point can be adjusted to enhance the range of the jaws. The majority of slip joint pliers comprise of a unique mechanism that allows the sliding pivot point to fit in smoothly into one of the various positions especially when the pliers is fully open. There are several types of slip joint pliers some of them including tongue/ groove, straight along with the lineman slip joint pliers. To be specific, the straight slip joint pliers have a design that is reminiscent to that of a lineman plier such that the jaws are in the same position as the handles. On one section of the pliers, two holes are integrated using a slot for the pivot. The pivot is then fastened to other section and is customized to allow It to pass through the slots especially when the pliers are open. On the contrary, the groove and tongue pliers come with special jaws that are offset from the handles and have various positions where the lower jaw can be placed.


The slip joint pliers comprise of few parts that work together to produce results. Similar to most mechanical tools, when the pliers receive extensive damage, the operator typically has to replace the unit with a newer one.  Therefore, it is important that the user should have sufficient information about some of the major parts of the of the pliers and exactly how they work to produce results. On the same account, this type of knowledge can be especially beneficial when it comes to selecting a new slip joint plier. The following are some of the main components that you should take into account when choosing your ideal Slip-joint Pliers:


A majority of the plier handles are designed to provide sufficient inertia for twisting, holding, pressing objects and cutting. In fact, a significant number of pliers come with insulated handles that cannot only provide protections against heat but sufficient protections against electricity as well. Since these types of tools are increasing in popularity in the consumer market, most of them typically incorporate unique designs that mitigate the chances of injury from repetitive motion or usage. Aside from the pliers teeth, the plier handles are some of the first parts of the pliers that might lose effectiveness especially after lengthy durations of use.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this type of plier is the slip joint construction. Various types of pliers come with as many different types of slip joints and it you should be able to evaluate the joint construction for functionality each time. Some units are known to become jammed and prone to the collections of debris, which can make them highly ineffective. Therefore ensure you select a plier that has a top notch joint construction for you unique application needs.


The nose is the part that is used to grip an object and is typically positioned at the tip of the pliers. Therefore, spreading the handles of the pliers nose and then shutting the handle allows the nose to deliver a better grip on the object. The size and type of the nose determine that functionality of pliers and if it can be fit for use. The ideal nose on the split joint pliers should provide the user with easy access to the spots that the conventional pliers could not reach.


The locking feature allows the plier-nose section to lock when the operator proceeds to squeeze the handle. This type of mechanism reduces the hassles that a user can come across whenever they are required to deliver additional pressure on the object, especially after a long durations. In other words, it provides the user with sufficient convenience necessary to hold on safely and more efficiently onto objects each time.


To be able to pick out the best split joint pliers, we incorporated a broad spectrum of research techniques together, and this particular product can be considered as a culminations of the results. For instance, we evaluate some of the ideal feature and values that most users or professionals require in their perfect pliers. Following this, we evaluated some of the top rated pliers available out there on the market with regards to the values and features that we had previously acquired. Furthermore, we also went on to ask some of the relevant professionals such as mechanics, and electricians, that never miss a split plier on their opinion on some of the pliers that we had short-listed. We also went on to consult the popular product review blogs along with some of the customer reviews that were posted on the popular shopping websites such as Amazon.



Part numberKPX8701560
Item weight6 pounds
Product Dimensions22.2×4.9×1.3 inches
Item model number8701560
Size23 inches
Number of Handles2
Number of Pieces1
Batteries included?No
Batteries required?No
Customer rating4.7 out of 5 stars


According to the, the Knipex 8701560 22-Inch Cobra Pliers come with new size and broader jaw capacity that makes it ideal for various types of applications. It is an exceptional tool that provides sufficient position adjustment along with top quality retention of jaw opening and self-gripping operations with a grip that delivers the ultimate slip resistance. It superior design reduces the effects of knuckle busting and the burring of bolts, fittings and nuts as well. This Knipex unit also has a compact size and thin profile that provides easy operation for the user each time.


Enhance your toolbox with the BAHCO 8225 Slip Joint Pliers ERGO Handle 55mm Capacity 315mm that has been developed using the unique ERGO procedure to provide its user with exceptional jaw opening and depth with just a simple one hand setting. This is the ideal solution for those who have large-scale jobs and require a costly unit that comes with various other types of additional features. With it’s robust and re-enforced stainless steel alloy teeth, the Bacho 8225 is a formidable opponent against most types of material including steel, aluminum, plastic and PVC material as well.

In fact, just by triggering the unique thumb operations button, the parallel jaws can be customized to as many as 9 to 13 positions with regards to the users individual needs. The plastic coated handles provide the ideal comfort and grip required for holding on to objects safely. The parallel and specially hardened jaws, along with the flat and pipe grip jaws and phosphate finish provide an exceptional aesthetic appeal. With its unique aesthetic design, the Bahco 8225 slip joint pliers provides guarantees sufficient comfort for the user even after extensive usage. It has a compact size design that is not only easy to manipulate for the operator but does not in any way compromise on the overall functionality of the unit.


Position Tool Size (mm) Weight (Ounce)
Knipex Cobra
Knipex Alligator


Most slip joint pliers comprise of few moving parts thereby making the implementation of safety and maintenance protocols a simple task. However, although these kinds of pliers might seem like harmless tools, some of them have sharp teeth that can lead to injury if misused. More so, the slip joint is one of the main sections of the pliers, and it is, therefore, important that you implement adequate care regime. Here are some of the suggestions worth considering:

Safety Tips

  • Put on protective gloves when using the pliers whenever possible
  • Avoid placing your finger in the cutting area
  • Keep the pliers in a safe place away from the reach of children
  • If you have long hair or jewelry, ensure that you keep them away from the working section
  • Avoid cutting live electrical wires with the pliers

Maintenance tips

  • Avoid using the pliers in highly acidic and under intense heat conditions
  • Only use the pliers for the suitable applications
  • Keep the pliers in dry and enclosed location after each use
  • Wipe the pliers with wet clothing after use


Finally, when all aspects are taken into account, split joint pliers are highly innovative tools that should never miss in the toolbox of any technically savvy individual. This is because the average feature set of some of these things has been improving and is simply amazing.  A word of advice, before settling on a unit that suits your unique needs, ensure that you have sufficient information about what makes the ideal  split joint pliers. Some of the aspects that have significantly improved include, ergonomic design, cutting capability and blade power amongst various other features.  Therefore, an excellent choice at such a time would be the Knipex 8701560 22-Inch Cobra Pliers that have been customized to suit the various types of applications with excellent results for the user.