ABS IMPORT 8600-0131

An Arbor Press is a tool used for fine detail work such as installing bearings and bearing races. An Arbor Press may also be used to construct musical instruments. One example of this is setting in guitar frets. They can also be used on other projects where metal parts need to be pressed into various materials such as wood, plastic, or other metals.

Arbor presses are compact machines and have the added convenience of being small enough to transport when needed. These devices are graded based on the load it can exert onto an object. For example, a 3-ton arbor press would be capable of exerting 3 tons of pressure on the material you are working with.

These tools are most commonly found on construction sites and in machine shops as they are ideal for installing pistons, wrist pins into piston rods, universal joint replacement, and installation into drive shafts. They are typically hand-operated with a hydraulic ram which is mounted inside of a steel frame. When the ram is engaged, the press then exerts pressure against the piece of material you are incorporating.

After a thorough evaluation of the top arbor presses on the market, we were able to narrow our search to find the best. When we finished testing, the ABS Import 8600-0131 pro series cast iron Arbor press stood out from its competitors. Its one-ton capacity gives you enough power for most home projects and the height of the press is only 14 inches which makes it easy to leverage. The device stays square and can be mounted onto a table for greater stability. Its cast iron construction and rugged steel ram is able to withstand the power required to operate the tool effectively.


Given the precision nature of an arbor press, this tool is ideal for anyone doing construction work. Hobbyists who enjoy DIY projects and home owners who do regular home maintenance will also benefit from having an arbor press in their tool kit. Automotive mechanics or technicians can benefit from an arbor press along with those who build musical instruments. The tool is easy to operate and can be used by beginners and advanced professionals alike. If you have projects that utilize different materials, or you need to compress materials together, then an arbor press is the ideal tool for the job.


When choosing an arbor press you will first want to ensure that the press is made of a sturdy material. The best arbor presses are made of cast iron for maximum durability. This is a tool that takes a beating and stronger construction material will allow the tool to stand up to the high pressure needed to make it work. The construction material will also be an indicator of the press’s capacity. The higher the capacity, the better building, and more detailed project execution.

Secondly, You will want to consider the type of projects you will be working on and the required press capacity to get the job done effectively. The smallest press capacity starts around 0.5 tons and is best suited for fine detailed work like building instruments or working with softer materials like thin sheet metals. This capacity would also be suitable for small joint replacements. Capacities run as high as 5 tons which are designed for heavier projects such as construction work and automotive or tech projects. For most homeowners, a one-ton capacity will give you all the power you need while still keeping the weight on the press at a level that is easy to operate. Even two-ton capacity presses are very heavy and can be difficult to get the full pressure for a typical DIYer.

Be sure to consider that the weight of the tool is directly related to the ton capacity. This will also impact the size and height of the press. If you will be moving it on a regular basis you will want a smaller tool that is more portable. Another consideration is the ability to mount and secure the press onto a work bench. This will provide greater stability and give you more leverage. The ram material and balance will also impact the ease of use.


The testing process included taking the most popular makes and models and evaluating the above criteria to narrow down the list to the top contenders. We then studied blogs and online reviews and gathered professional and consumer opinions about what features and products were best to work with. We completed an extensive review of tool companies, home improvement blogs, and professionals who use arbor presses on a daily basis to determine which presses stood the test of time. We then took into consideration the features each individual machine possesses as well as the cost and durability. After each of these steps are carefully taken we can then confidentially support our choice of the best arbor press on the market today. We then reviewed the feedback of Amazon customers and what they had to say about our top pick to solidify our recommendation.



Ram MaterialSteel
Base MaterialCast Iron
Item Weight33 Pounds
Maximum Work height6 Inches
Ram Hole Diameter½ inch
Number of Slot Positions4
Maximum Diameter8.25 inches
Maximum Press Capacity1-Ton
Press Height14 inches

The ABS IMport Pro-Series arbor press is perfect for riveting, squeezing, punching, bending, and many more pressing applications. The base of this machine can be drilled mounting on a workbench or pedestal and will fit comfortably in any work environment. The press is constructed of high quality and durable cast iron, which is one of the most durable materials for crafting power tools.

At a weight of 33 pounds, it is heavy enough to give you good leverage but not so heavy that it cannot be moved or is difficult to handle. The size allows you to move it as needed or it can be secured to a bench for greater stability. The press features a removable machined steel anvil which will provide accurate work support in four different slot positions. It comes with a rugged steel ram driven by a machine pinion giving the device a maximum support system.

Punch tools or bits are also able to be added to the end of the ram with the aid of a magnetic insert. This arbor press also has one-ton capacity which enables you to take on bigger projects, yet be detailed enough for smaller jobs. This tool has enough power and precision to be used in a mechanic shop, construction site, or for other similar projects. The ABS Import Pro Series is fourteen inches in height from the bit, and it comes with an arbor press bit set included. The arbor press is quick to prep and easy to clean so there is little downtime in between projects.


The guys at Perfection Power Tools describe the ABS Import pro-series arbor press as best for, “Riveting, squeezing, punching, bending, and other pressing applications…Sturdy, cast-iron construction. Removable machined steel anvil provides accurate work support in four slot positions. Rugged steel ram is driven by machined pinion. Punches or tools may be added to the end of the ram with the aid of a magnetic insert. 8-.25-inches maximum diameter.”

Amazon customers gave it a 4.3 out of 5 stars from a total of 9 reviews. One 5-star customer writes, “The press arrived quickly and well packaged. A few minutes for assembly and a few more to clean the oil from the working surfaces and I was in business. It is quite sturdy and well built, I expect many years of trouble-free service. Among other things, I use this press for building electric guitar pickup bobbins, and it’s perfect. “Beats” using a mallet to install the magnets. Less blood blisters to boot.”


If you are looking for a higher ton capacity and more power for larger projects, then the Jet AP-3 3-ton arbor press is a great choice. This power tool is crafted from a heavy ductile iron casting that offers incredible strength and rigidity to the overall framework. The device features precision cut steel rams and pinions for the most accurate operation possible.

You will also find tables and slotted table plates that are flat and parallel to provide for accurate and strong support. This arbor press offers a 3-ton capacity pressing system that can tackle even the toughest metals.


Position Tool Capacity (Ton) Press Height (Inches) Work Area Diameter (Inches)
Bald Eagle Mini
Central Machinery


As with all tools safety is an essential part of the work environment. Precautions that should be taken include:

  • Always wear eye protection, such as goggles or a face mask to protect yourself from items that may become loose, and debris that becomes airborne.
  • Make all adjustments prior to setting the material.
  • Ensure the device is secure and in place before using
  • Only use the arbor press as it was intended.
  • Keep your hands away from all moving parts.
  • remove all loose articles before beginning your work to prevent clothing or accessories from being caught in the press.
  • Make sure you have good balance and a good position of leverage.
  • Always read the manual before operating.

Good maintenance will increase the life of the machine and ensure that it works at its best at all times. A few maintenance tips include:

  • Lubricate the press according to the recommendations in the owner’s manual.
  • Clean the press after each use.
  • Regularly check the ram and other moving parts to ensure they are tight and secure.


Arbor presses are designed to be durable machines and are built to last. These machines can take on projects big and small, and their compact size make them perfect for any work environment. Smaller press capacity provides a tool that is light enough to be carried from job to job, where larger capacity presses are best used in a workshop. The arbor press is a versatile tool that can be used for many different types of jobs such as building instruments, repairing car parts, construction and other precision work. The tool is inexpensive and compact making it a useful tool to add to your workshop. These tools are not only being used by professionals, but also beginners who are just getting started but want a professional and quality finish to their job. They are easy to use, safe, and can make your project last a life time. Arbor presses are also easy to maintain and are quick to prep and clean before and after every use offering little downtime in between projects.