House flies can be a nuisance. Constantly buzzing around, gathering in your windows, and generally causing a problem. Naturally, you want them gone. On the other hand though, you want to be humane. After all, these insects aren’t trying to be a nuisance – they’re just living their lives.

So, what can you do? Is there a way to get rid of house flies without killing them? Actually, there is! Today we are going to look at 5 ways that you can get rid of house flies without killing them.


The common house fly is known scientifically as Musca Domestica and they are one of the most common house pests that you will encounter. One way that you can get too many house flies is if your house is dirty. For instance, if old food is left out or the garbage is left in the bin for too long, flies might start to gather.

However, you might notice flies in your home even if it is relatively clean. In these cases, you might want to take a look at any houseplants you have. House flies are also known to hang around rotting plant debris. So, if a house plant is dying or has recently shed any petals or flowers, it might be your culprit.


One way to get rid of flies without hurting them is to simply make your house inhospitable to them. If they don’t find comfort or the things they need to survive within your home, they won’t enter.

Ginger spray is a good way to make your house a place flies won’t like. Ginger is rather strong smelling and when it was sprayed, it irritates flies and they fly to other locations to get away from it – repelling them without killing them.

To make your own ginger spray, mix together dried ginger powder and 3 or 4 cups of water. Then, mix these together thoroughly in a spray bottle. Once you have your spray prepared, spray it where flies hang around your house such as garbage cans.


You can also create a trap for the flies. When it comes to traps, people often think of flies being harmed or killed but this isn’t always the case. Instead, you would make this trap with the goal of catching and releasing the flies.

To do this you will need a jar – a mason jar works best. First, you will want to drill a hole in the lid of the jar, just big enough for the flies to get into. You will then want to place something to bait the flies into the jar like a piece of fruit. Once some flies gather in the jar, you can release them outside. Don’t let it sit too long without releasing them though, or they will breed in the trap.


Summertime can bring in plenty of flies but the heat also gives you the chance to use fans to dispel them. Fans disrupt a fly’s flying patterns. After all, they’re very small and if faced with any severe wind resistance, they’re going to have a little trouble. This is a great way to humanely drive them away.


It might not work for homes that have a lot of flies but if you have four or five flies in your house that are annoying you, try catching and releasing them. The easiest way to doing this is to catching a fly with a cup when it lands. Then, you can slide a piece of paper under the cup to keep the fly inside until you get out the door. Make sure to release the fly a few steps away from your door so it doesn’t fly right back in.


One of the simplest ways to get rid of flies without hurting them is to take away what they are in your house for. If you can find the source of what’s attracting them, you might be able to remove that source and get rid of the house flies in turn.

For this, go around your house and look for anything that might attract a house fly. You might be surprised at how many flies one thing can attract too! Just an overflowing garbage can or small bowl of rotting fruit can cause a 3×18 area to be overrun with flies. Once you take away what attracts them, though, they have no reason to stay in your house.

And that’s a wrap!