Home Improvement includes many different things including painting, remodeling, building a deck, landscaping and many more. The DIY movement is huge when it comes to home improvement projects. Many people will try to do things on their own and others want to hire people to bring their vision to life.

Whichever way you choose to get the home improvements you want to be accomplished, this resource guide will provide you with plenty of resources that will support your endeavor. We did hours of research to find tons of great resources from remodeling to painting and compiled a helpful list of all these resources in one place.

This guide will prevent you from having to do all the searching yourself. The time you save by checking out this one stop home improvement resource guide will allow you to focus on the more important and fun aspects of home improvement.


The resources below cover everything from finding the right contractor or business to handle your home improvements to common mistakes to avoid when working on home improvement projects.

12 Home Renovations That Don’t Always Increase Your Property’s Value – There are many renovations you can do to increase the value of your property but not ALL renovations will do that. Here’s 12 that don’t always increase that value the way you hoped.

Remodeling 101 Ideas – One of the hardest parts of remodeling can be deciding what you want to do.  Here are some tips on how to make your remodeling project go as smoothly as possible.

11 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Read Before Remodeling Your Home – Take a look at these 11 pieces of advice from Remodelista’s Julie Carlson.

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor – If you are looking for a remodeling contractor it is important to ensure that you get a reputable one.  Here are some tips on how to choose the right one.

18 Tips for Finding a Reliable Home Contractor – Before you hire a home contractor, take a look at these 18 good tips that will help you choose a good one.

Working Well with Contractors: 15 Questions that Prevent Fraud and Ensure Satisfaction – Hire the right person without having to worry that they won’t get the job done or that they will do a bad job by asking these 15 questions BEFORE you hire them.

What the 20 Most Popular Home Renovations Are Really Worth in 2018 – There are many reasons homeowners decide to remodel or renovate their homes. If you are remodeling to put your house on the market, here are 20 renovations that are providing the most ROI.

20 Home Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value – No homeowner wants to make a change to their house that will hurt its value, even if they don’t want to sell right now. Take a look at these 20 home renovation projects that will hurt the value of your home.

Before-and-After Inspiration: Remodeling Ideas from HGTV Fans – Looking for ideas on home renovation projects? Check out these before and after remodeling projects from fans of HGTV.

31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home – Looking for remodeling inspiration? Here are 31 great ideas that you may not have thought of.

What Low-Cost Home Improvements Should You Make Before Selling Your Home? – If you are selling your home there are some low-cost home improvements that you should make. Get the details in this informative article.


One of the hardest parts of painting the interior of your home is deciding on the right color for the rooms. The links below are all about interior painting including how to choose the right paint and deciding on the best color for your home.

17 Paint Hacks You Absolutely Need In Your Life – Check out these awesome paint hacks that will make your life a lot easier whenever you have to do some painting.

Paint a Room Without Making a Mess! – Painting can be a messy business if you’re new at it or you’re not paying attention. Check out these great tips on how to paint your rooms without making a huge mess.

How To Choose The Right Interior Paint Colors For Your Home – Get help deciding one of the most complicated parts of repainting your home – deciding on the right interior paint colors. This article will help.

Avoidable Painting Mistakes – If you’ve decided to repaint the interior of your home, take a look at this article for help in avoiding common painting mistakes.

100+ Interior Wall Painting Ideas – if you’re looking for some ideas for painting your interior walls, look no further. Here are 100+ ideas to get your creativity flowing.

10 Interior House Painting Tips & Painting Techniques for the Perfect Paint Job – Every loves a fresh paint job. Here are 10 tips and techniques for painting the inside of your home and getting the perfect paint job every time.

How to Paint a Room – Make your rooms look like a professional painted them with these techniques and tips from Popular Mechanics.


Painting the outside of your home can give it a whole new fresh look but choosing the best paint or the right painter if you want to hire someone can be difficult. These links will help you navigate getting the best results from exterior painting that you can get.

10 Things You Must Know When Painting a House Exterior – Painting the outside of your home can be a little intimidating. After all, everyone can see the kind of job you did.  Here are 10 must-know things for painting the outside of your home that will make the job easier.

13 Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your House – Looking to sell your home? Here are 13 exterior paint colors that will improve the chances of you selling your home.

Painting Preparation: Making Paint Last, Prepare the Surface – Prepping the surface of your home’s exterior is critical to making the paint last longer and look better. Here’s how.

Pro Advice on Painting the Outside of Your House – DIY network provides you with some great advice on painting the outside of your home from a painting pro.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations – If you are struggling to find some great exterior color combinations for your home, here are some great suggestions you may like.  

Mistakes to Avoid When Painting the Outside of Your House – Painting the outside of your home is not something you want to mess up. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you are painting the exterior of your house.

10 Smart Exterior Painting Tips – Check out these easy to follow smart tips for painting the exterior of your home.

Paint an Exterior Door – And Make It Look Awesome – When painting the outside of your home make sure you don’t forget the exterior doors.  Here are some tips to painting the exterior door and making it look incredible.

How to Paint Exterior Brick Like a Pro – Painted brick can look terrific or it can look awful if the job is done incorrectly. Here are some tips for painting exterior brick just like a professional.

Painting Cement Steps and Top Favorite Painted Patios – If you have cement steps on the front of your house, here are some tips for painting your cement steps and improving the curb appeal of your home.


Adding a deck onto the back of your home can achieve several things; it can increase the value of your home if you intend to sell it, it can provide a great place to entertain or hang out with the family, and it can be a terrific place of relaxation. Below are some great links that will help you get the deck you want for your home.

Read This Before You Build Your Deck – Before you get started with your deck plans, read this article.

How to Install a Deck Post – Secure deck posts are very important for a sturdy and safe deck. Learn how to install them the right way.

15 Modern Deck Building Tips and Shortcuts – Take a look at these helpful shortcuts and tips for building a modern deck.

How to Build a Fabulous DIY Floating Deck – A floating deck is a great addition to your backyard.  If you want to build one for your yard, take a look at these tips and strategies.

10 Things to Do When Building a DIY Deck – Follow these tips when you are building a deck for your backyard.

Top 10 Deck-Building Mistakes – Take a look at these ten common deck building mistakes so you can avoid making them when you build your deck.

How to Build a Deck that will Last as Long as Your House – When you take the time and effort to build something like a deck, you want it to last. Here are some tips on how to build a deck that is going to last as long as your house does.

20 Timber Decking Designs that can Append Beauty of your Homes – These breathtaking deck designs will get your creativity going for your own deck design.

9 Outdoor Deck Designs, Types and Locations – Here are 9 creative and stylish deck designs that you could choose for your backyard.


Outdoor living spaces are hugely popular among most homeowners. Those who love to entertain enjoy having a beautiful outdoor space that friends and family can enjoy. Check out these resources for outdoor spaces from design to execution.

Updating your outdoor space on a budget – If you want to update your outdoor living space but don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is the resource for you. Get tips on updating on a budget.

17 Great Ideas for Better Outdoor Living – Check out these 17 great ideas for upgrading your outdoor living.

30+ Pretty Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget – Here are 30 beautiful backyard patio ideas perfect for those on a budget.

24 Low-Cost Ways to Power Up Your Homes Curb Appeal – Looking to improve your home’s curb appeal?  Try these 24 low-cost ways to make the front of your home look terrific.

22 Amazing Ideas to Plan a Slope Yard That You Should Not Miss – If you have a sloped yard and you want to do something great with it, take a look at these 22 incredible ideas.

How to Add Curb Appeal to Your House’s Exterior – Most homeowners want the outside of their homes to look great.  Here are some great ideas you can use to add curb appeal to the outside of your home.

12 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas – Outdoor lighting is beautiful and relaxing any time of year. Try one or more of these 12 great backyard lighting ideas to add new life to your backyard.

Home Improvement: 9 Smart Ways to Update Your Front Yard – Want to improve the look of your front yard? Try these smart front yard home improvement tips.


The bathroom is one of the most often used and most important rooms in the home. If you want to increase the value and/or salability of your home, remodeling the bathroom is one method to achieve that. These links will provide you with what you need to know.

21+ Amazing Before & After Bathroom Remodels – If you’re looking for some inspiration for remodeling your bathroom look at these 21 before & after bathroom remodeling jobs.

43 Best Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas – If your master bathroom is on the small side, you’ll love these 43 remodeling ideas for small master bathroom spaces.

How to Caulk a Shower or Bathtub – Caulking the tub or shower can prevent water from getting down behind them and causing all kinds of trouble. Learn the right way to do it here.

6 Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover Projects – Remodeling the bathroom is an effective way to increase the value of your home as well as give it a visual boost as well. Here are 6 ideas that won’t hurt your budget.

The Best Things You Can Do to Your Bathroom for Under $100 – Looking for some new ideas and life for your bathroom? These ideas are great, easy and you can do them for under $100.

How to Paint a Sink – Want to improve the look of your bathroom by painting your sink? Here’s how to do it right.

49 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Love farmhouse decorating?  You have to see these 49 modern farmhouse bathroom remodeling ideas that you might just love.

20 The Best Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Functional – Have a small bathroom? Here are 20 small bathroom ideas that are beautiful and functional.

How to Tile a Tub Surround – Any kind of tile work may sound overwhelming but it’s not as hard as you think it is. This article will show you how to tile around your tub, step-by-step.

How to Retile a Bathroom – Ready to tackle retiling the bathroom? Home Depot shows you how to do it properly.

13 Simple Steps to Replace a Toilet – Replacing the toilet in your bathroom is one home improvement job that is done often. Here are 13 easy steps to get it done correctly.

80 Beautiful Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire Relaxation – Want to turn your bathroom into a spa? Here are 80 incredible designs that will inspire you to relax the second you walk through the door.

How to Replace a Bathroom Vanity – The vanity in a bathroom is very important to the look of the bathroom as well as its function.

17 Clever Ideas for Small Baths – Take a look at these 17 great ideas for your small bathroom. Just because the bathroom is small does not mean it can’t look great.


When you are looking to purchase a home, the kitchen is probably THE most important room in your home. Kitchen remodeling is very common in households, even if you are not looking to sell your home. These links provide you with the resources you need to successfully remodel your kitchen.

10 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Kitchen – Thinking about remodeling your kitchen?  Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself before you get started.

Top things to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel – When putting your kitchen remodel together, here are the top things you should be considering.
Kitchen Decorating: How to Paint Your Cabinets – Painting your kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive project that can change the whole look of the room. Here are some tips on how to paint them properly.

How To Paint Tile Countertops – Want to update your tile countertops but don’t have the funds for a full replacement? Check out this great article on how to paint them so they look great.

11 Dream Kitchen Upgrades That Will Totally Change Your Life – Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in your home. It’s where great food is cooked, lots of entertaining happens and where creativity can be sparked.  Look at these 11 dream kitchen upgrades that you will LOVE.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Five Things to Keep in Mind – Take these five things into consideration before you begin a kitchen remodeling job.

Renovating a Small Kitchen? 10 Questions to Ask Before You Begin – Make sure to ask yourself these questions before you get started on your kitchen renovation project.

Five Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Shortcuts – Try these inexpensive remodeling shortcuts for the kitchen to add some fresh life to yours.
How to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel – Everyone likes to save money during remodeling projects.  Here are some great suggestions that will help you save money on your kitchen remodel.

95 Functional and Awesome Kitchen Island Designs Ideas  – Adding an island to your kitchen is one of the most popular home improvement projects that people like to do. Here are 95 awesome, functional kitchen island designs that you may love.

38 Dreamiest Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas to Fuel your Remodel – Look at these 38 beautiful farmhouse kitchen design ideas for inspiration on what to do with your own kitchen remodel.


Do you like to fix things or make things on your own?  The DIY section will give you the information you need to produce successful DIY projects for your own home improvement projects.

13 Home Improvements That Are Illegal to DIY – Not all home improvements can be DIY jobs. Here are 13 that are actually illegal to do yourself.

The top 10 home improvement mistakes made by DIYers – Experts in home improvement across the country were asked what the most common mistakes that they see DIY-ers making.

8 big remodeling mistakes to avoid – If you are not super experienced in remodeling and renovating, it can be easy to make mistakes. Here are 8 remodeling mistakes that you will want to avoid.

These 27 DIY Backyard Projects For Summer Are Extremely Cool – If you’re looking for DIY inspiration, you’re sure to find it in this list of 27 backyard projects that are DIY and very cool!

58 Backyards on a Budget: Affordable and DIY Designs – If you want to do something great with your backyard outdoor living space but are lacking inspiration take a look at these 58 great designs that are sure to please and will help you stick to the budget to boot.
Fun & Funky DIY Backyard Ideas & Projects – Step out of the ordinary and some of these great funky and fun DIY backyard projects.

34 Fantastic DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids that are Easy to Make – Looking for some home improvement ideas for your backyard that are kid friendly?  Check these out!

One Day Backyard Ideas & DIY Projects – Take a look at this collection of DIY backyard projects that will improve the look of your home and only take one day to complete.

10 Great Home Projects and What They Cost – If you want to do some remodeling but are at a loss where to start, these 10 home project ideas will get you started.


People love books of all kinds.  The links below share with you the best suggestions for home improvement books that you will love adding to your library.

10 Best Books For Home Repair And Improvement – These 10 books are some of the best on the market for home improvement and have home repair tips and help too.

Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual Newly Updated – A great book that will help any homeowner learn to do many home improvements themselves.

The Best DIY And Home Improvement Books – Love DIY and home improvement? Take a look at the best home improvement and DIY books available.

8 Books to Inspire Your DIY, Design & Home Improvement Projects – These 8 books will inspire your home Improvement, design, and DIY projects.

Best Home Renovation & Remodeling Books – Add these great home renovation and remodeling books to your home library.


Blogs are a great way to read some great home improvement stories, meet other like-minded people and get some really terrific home improvement ideas. The links below will provide you with the best home improvement blogs on the internet.

50 Best Home Improvement Blogs – You are sure to find several blogs in this lineup that you will enjoy following.

Our 5 Favorite Female Home Improvement Bloggers – Home improvement isn’t just for men. Millions of women love to do these projects too. Check out these five popular female home improvement bloggers.

The Top 25 Best DIY Home Improvement Blogs – Love to do DIY projects? These 25 DIY home improvement bloggers will provide you with a lot of ideas, entertainment, and information.

10 Project-Inspiring Home Improvement Blogs – If you love to do projects, then take a look at these 10 home improvement blogs that will give you plenty of project ideas for your own home.


Social media is another great way to connect with others that are interested in home improvement projects.  Below we have resources on Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram pages, and Youtube channels for home improvement that will provide you with a lot of value.


We Like These 25 Home Improvement Facebook Pages – Facebook is a great place to meet other like-minded people that also love home improvement and remodeling.  Go through these 25 Facebook pages for home improvement and see how many YOU like.

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