Upholstery staple guns can be quite useful to have around the house because they are so versatile and can be used for a wide variety of projects. Not just reupholstering furniture. Any do-it-yourself-er should have an upholstery staple gun in their shop. The upholstery stapler design is different from a traditional stapler in that it has a nose (where the staples come out) that projects out from the gun about an inch. In fact, some upholstery staplers have a 2-inch nose. The longer nose allows the user to get into crevices and the small, curved lines often found on furniture.

Project staple guns are very powerful and are able to shoot staples into many different types of materials from fabric, wood, plastic and even some metals. A good upholstery stapler is ideal for many craft projects involving wood, plastic or other material in addition to being best to use on upholstery. They can be used to attach a loose corner of fabric on the sofa or to replace a kitchen chair seat cover.

We evaluated 24 of the top upholstery staples and after a thorough evaluation, the Surebonder 9600A stood out from the competition.  It is lightweight and yet powerful enough to complete furniture upholstery work for the average homeowner. The unit is well-balanced and easy to handle and operates consistently without jamming. The staples are a universal size which makes it easy to find supplies. This model also comes with many features generally reserved for more expensive models.


Homeowners who enjoy working with furniture or wood will find an upholstery staple is very versatile. It can be used for craft projects, refinishing chairs, tacking up loose fabric, and even attaching wire to wood surfaces like fencing. Upholstery staple guns are extremely useful for a wide variety of different tasks and is a very valuable tool to have in your workshop.


Upholstery staplers come in three basic types: manual, electric, and pneumatic. Manual staple guns are the tool of choice for small home projects and occasional use. They are easy to use, come in several styles, and are inexpensive. Most manual guns require the operator to squeeze the handle each time they want to insert a staple which can quickly cause serious hand fatigue. They are also not able to drive staples completely into hard surfaces like wood. Manual upholstery staplers are good for light-duty crafts and small household jobs. They can be used for home decorating, fabric tacking, installing window or door screens and of course small upholstery repairs, like recovering a chair.

Electric upholstery staplers are either battery powered or power up with an electric cord. Electric models have triggers that only require light pressure, so they are easier to operate. Most electric upholstery staplers are adjustable to accommodate various fastener lengths. It is also common to find a safety feature which prevents the gun from firing unless the gun is in place and pressed properly. Even with this safety feature the electric upholstery gun should be kept out of the reach of children. They are generally more expensive than manual guns and are suitable for medium-size projects and occasional use.

Pneumatic upholstery staplers are designed for regular use when you need more power and speed. They do not require much strength to operate which results in less fatigue over time. The use of an air compressor gives these tools the power to shoot the staples through harder surfaces that the manual and electric are not able to penetrate. Active DIYers, handymen, and professionals will find that a pneumatic stapler will save them time and money. Pneumatic upholstery staplers are the most versatile and most powerful staplers on the market. They can be used for both small and large jobs.

The most important consideration in making the right purchase is how well this stapler matches its intended use. Another decisive factor in buying an upholstery gun is knowing the type, and size of fasteners you will need for your tasks. Staples are measured in inches or millimeters and express the height of the tines and the width of the crown. The more sizes and types of fasteners the stapler can adapt to, the more versatile the tool. Fasteners should interface well with your project materials. Heavy-duty staples could destroy a delicate piece of furniture. Light-weight, small staples would be ineffective stapling heavy material like vinyl or leather.

When shopping, be sure to look for a stapler that is designed to prevent jamming. Jamming can be very frustrating and can be an issue with staplers at all price points.

When buying a manual staple gun, select one that is easy to operate with just one hand. The other hand must be available to secure the materials that you are stapling. Look for an ergonomically-designed upholstery stapler which is more comfortable to hold and less stressful on your body after longer use.

Weight is also an important consideration. Upholstery guns range from 3 to 5 pounds. Lighter guns will be easier to handle but may not have the power to get the job done. A smaller upholstery stapler is very useful when getting into tight corners of upholstered furniture.

An electric stapler with a cord may require the use of extension cords to reach the job you’re working on. You may find you are hassling with the cord trying to keep it out of the way, but they are typically more powerful than battery-operated guns. A battery-operated stapler will also need to have the battery recharged consistently.

Pneumatic upholstery staple guns are the most powerful styles on the market. These also have a lot of versatility and are powerful enough for the heaviest jobs. Some pneumatic staplers accept continuous rounds, or magazines, of staples, so there is little time spent reloading. They also accept a larger variety of fasteners than manual or electric staple guns. With the power source being an air compressor, and therefore outside of the tool, the actual stapler is typically lighter than electric versions. Most models have a safety function to prevent misfiring.


We began with extensive research of available products on the market. We then narrowed the list to the top upholstery staplers based on features and value. After careful consideration, we reduced the list for further testing by studying the top brands and models. We evaluated how well the staplers worked, the included features, and what users were saying. Then we read home improvement blogs, tool websites and got opinions from specialists, craftsmen, tool companies, and home users to establish which ones should receive further review. We then scoured Amazon for the upholstery staplers that contained the most sought-after features at the best price.



Operating PSI60-100
Capacity100 staples
Weight2.9 pounds
Dimensions3 X 11 X 9
Drives1/4” to 9/16 “staples with 3/8” narrow crown
Featurescase included

TheSurebonder 9600A is one of the lightest upholstery staplers in its class. It only weighs 2.9 pounds. It is well-balanced and has a rubber molded handle for a comfortable grip. This stapler has a small trigger to drive the staples into the target material so you won’t easily become tired.

The Surebonder 9600 has a magazine staple viewer which shows you when your staples are running low. It drives a variety of staple sizes from 1/4 inch, through 1-9/16 inches, with a 3/8 inch narrow crown. These are highly-versatile staples that will prove useful in a wide-range of projects. If you need to reload the staple gun, it will take only a few seconds. The quick release design of the magazine makes it really easy to load up to 100 staples.

The Surebonder has an adjustable air exhaust to get rid of the unwanted air, oil, and condensation, and moves it away from the work area. The stapler also has a safety mechanism to prevent accidental misfiring. It comes with a one quarter inch quick release connector and 2 hex wrenches and a carrying case.


The guys at Power Tool Review had this to say about the stapler, “If you want an air stapler that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck, take a good look at the Surebonder 9600A. Because, for the price and service, you can’t beat it. Compared to other staplers, this is a real bargain.”

Amazon users give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars from 738 customer reviews. One five star rater said, “I am a DIYer. This stapler is light and compact and has worked perfectly well for me, no more pushing like crazy to compensate for the kickback on electric staplers.”


Coming in at only 1.8 pounds the Porter Cable US58 is lightweight and full of power and valuable features. It comes with a one inch nose extension to fit in tight crevices and low clearance applications. It uses standard 22 gauge staples with a 3/8 inch crown and will adapt to staples from ¼ inch to 5/8 inch. It is designed for easy operation with a driver guide that moves back with the magazine, so jams can be easily cleared with the magazine open. The bolt-lode magazine holds up to 185 staples resulting in spending less time reloading.

The Porter-Caple US58 features a rear exhaust which eliminates unwanted air, oil, and condensation. It has a steel-top cap to help extend the life of the product. If you are looking for an upgrade to a professional quality stapler, then the Porter Cable US 58 is it.


Position Tool PSI Warranty (Days)
Surebonder Heavy
Fasco F1B
75 - 90
Air Locker


A staple gun is still a power tool and precautions should be taken to ensure your safety. A few precautions include, making sure the area is clear so when the gun is activated only your project is attached. Ensure the safety is on when not in use, and be sure you have good balance and a good hold on the gun before operating.

Do not wear loose clothing and wear eye protection. The staples are ejected with great force and can blind your eyes if they are hit.

Care for the stapler includes following the recommended maintenance in the owner’s manual. This generally includes keeping the stapler oiled and lubricated and ensuring the magazine is clean and clear after each use.

It is recommended that you have a staple remover designed to take out larger industrial staples used in both electric and pneumatic staple guns. A traditional office remover will not be strong enough to pull them out of hard surfaces like wood.


An upholstery stapler is a very versatile tool that can be used for many applications. Whether you are looking to refinish furniture or complete other projects around the home, industrial staples are very strong and have a great hold once in place. They are commonly used in fencing, roofing and other fields other than just upholstery. Homeowners will often find them very useful for large craft projects.