A sledge hammer is very different from a traditional hammer in that it is much larger, heavier, has a longer and broader handle. It has heads on both sides rather than one flat side with a rip claw on the other like a traditional hammer. These dual-flat heads and heavy body allow for increased driving power which gives a sledge hammer a wide range of heavy-duty tasks that it can complete. Using a sledge hammer is closer to the action of an ax application than a traditional hammer application.

Sledge hammers are the ideal tool for tasks that require demolition. For example, breaking up a large concrete slab for removal is a job a sledge hammer could perform. Concrete slabs are generally a solid surface that cannot be simply lifted away. Using a sledge hammer is an inexpensive solution that can effectively break up the concrete. This is done by combining the heavy weight of the sledge hammer with forceful blows to the concrete. Another job sledge hammers are commonly used for is driving stakes. Stakes are often used to secure large tents, hold down tarps and other large temporary shelters. A sledge hammer is the most effective way to drive stakes deeply and securely into the ground.

Sledge hammers are also used in home demolition. Whether you are removing a wall or removing old cabinets or sinks, a sledge hammer can break through heavy materials quickly and efficiently. Sledge hammers can be an effective tool in breaking up and removing old brick or exterior materials, drywall, sub floor, and any item that you do not need to preserve.

We conducted extensive research and testing to determine the best sledge hammer available on the market. The Wilton 22036 Bash Sledge Hammer rose above its competitors in every category. It ranked highest in every category including durability, weight distribution, power, and drive capability. This hammer features a 22-pound steel head and a 36-inch-long handle. The handle tapers towards the head to reduce vibration in the swing. The handle is made of vulcanized rubber and provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue. This sledge hammer is virtually indestructible and is able to complete demolition faster and more efficiently with its patented design.


Sledge hammers are an excellent tool for demolition, breaking through hard materials, or driving large items like stakes into the ground. They are most commonly used by those in construction, DIYers doing home renovations, demolition experts, real estate flippers, rail road workers, brick layers, or those who regularly put up large commercial tents for shows or performances.


There are several common features that are found in the best sledge hammers. One of the most important features is the head. This is what gives the hammer the force. You want a head that is not only heavy, but one that is made from materials that will not crack or break when then come into contact with other hard surfaces like concrete. Look for a hammer head that’s going to provide you with the most force and is crafted of heavy materials that can withstand heavy impact. The best sledge hammers are going to have a head that weighs at least 20 pounds. Lighter-weight heads are acceptable for smaller jobs because their combined force will be lower than the heavier heads. However, you also want to select a head that is a weight you can comfortably swing. In addition to the weight, pay attention to the materials. Heads made of steel are going to be more powerful than those made of wood. Look for a strong metal material for the most efficient sledge hammer.

The next feature to evaluate is the handle. With a heavy hammer head, you are going to need a strong and sturdy handle that’s going to be able to support a powerful swing. A longer handle will provide more leverage which will increase the power of the swing. If the handle is too long, however, you could sacrifice control. Look for one with a non-slip grip. Wood and rubber are good choices for a firm grip. Another factor with the handle is vibration. When the head hits a solid surface vibration can increase hand fatigue and can reduce the amount of time you are able to work on a project.

The last key element to a sledge hammer is the connection between the head and the handle. Since they are often made of different materials you want to be sure the connection is either welded or secured with a plate to ensure that the handle and head will not separate – especially during use. A safety plate is an added part that secures your head to the handle and gives it extra support for greater peace of mind.


We began our research by first conducting a general search for sledge hammers. In doing this we were able to determine what features and quality’s make up the best sledge hammers such as durability, weight, handle strength, durable materials, and driving force. Following this, we reviewed tool blogs, forums, construction magazines, and received expert advice from those who use sledge hammers in their everyday work environment. This allowed us to determine the best brands and models of the currently available sledge hammers. We then consulted Amazon reviewers to find out which sledge hammers held up best in real world performance and heavy duty jobs.



Total Weight24 Pounds
Head Weight22 Pounds
Product Dimensions36 x 8 x 3 Inches
Handle Length36 Inches
Head MaterialSteel Core
Handle MaterialVulcanized Rubber

Lifetime Warranty

Wilton 22036 Bash Sledge Hammer is equipped with unbreakable technology and a steel core to eliminate possible breakage due to overstrikes. You will also find a Hi-Vis head on this hammer drop forged in 46 HRC steel to endure even the most demanding jobs. This sledge hammer also includes an added safety plate that firmly secures the head to the handle to prevent the head from dislodging under any conditions. Wilton 22036 Bash Sledge Hammer also tapers at the head and has an anti-vibe neck that was designed to absorb hard vibrations and minimize workers’ fatigue. The handle is coated with a non-slip grip made from vulcanized rubber for a secure grip and maximum control.

The 36-inch handle gives you enough leverage for a powerful swing while still giving you control over the impact. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Guys at the write “Never replace a sledge hammer again when you’ve got the Wilton 20-lb. Bash Sledge Hammer. The unbreakable head with a steel core eliminates breaking during overstrikes, while the ergonomic handle is shaped and thickened for improved comfort and less vibration. Its high visibility head drop forged 46 HRC steel endures the most demanding applications, so you’re ready for any job. Plus, it boasts a no-slip grip and vulcanized rubber handle for secure grip while striking.” reviewer writes, “The toughest jobs need the toughest tools. The Wilton BASH Unbreakable Sledge Hammer is the toughest sledge ever built. With a molten steel-bar reinforcement, and a locking steel plate holding the head to the handle, the BASH will hold up when you need it most. Tested to 25,000 overstrikes, the BASH puts traditional wood and fiberglass hammers to shame.”

Amazon reviewers give the Wilton 22036 Bash Sledge Hammer a 4.7 out of 5 from 17 reviewers. One 5-star reviewer writes, “This is an amazing product. The head is large, heavy (22 lbs.), and painted bright green for enhanced visibility. The head has a nice flat top to stay standing up on its own. I have been wrecking anything and everything with it. It is the perfect fit for working out by pounding tires. The grip is solid and comfortable. The shaft is very durable and solidly anchored to the head. I highly recommend this product.”


If you are looking for a powerful sledge hammer that offers unique features, the ABC Hammers ABC14BF offers a hammer that only weighs 14 pounds and comes with a 33-inch handle. This sledge hammer comes with a lighter weight but still packs a lot of driving power. It offers several unique features such as non-marring, non-magnetic, non-corrosive and non-sparking. For demolition jobs around sensitive materials these feature can become very valuable.

This sledge hammer is non sparking which will ensure safe use near combustible materials which can be crucial for home demolition projects and construction sites depending on where you are working. The hammer is also non-marring, which means it will reduce impact vibrations and reduce work damage where surface protection is a factor. The handle is crafted of fiberglass and is ergonomically designed to help prevent injury from repeated use.


Position Tool Head Weight (Pounds) Handle Length (Inches)


We have compiled a list of safety and maintenance tips to keep you safe and your tool in top working condition while using your sledge hammer.

Safety Tips

  • Always keep your work area free of debris and tripping hazards.
  • Always wear eye goggles or a face mask to protect yourself from fly debris and a mask when working in an enclosed spaced to keep from breathing in raw materials.
  • Never swing or attempt to use your sledge hammer should the head become loose from its handle.
  • Always produce full swings away from your body.
  • Ensure you have a sturdy and balanced footing before striking materials.
  • Ensure that no one is standing within close range of you before striking or using your sledge hammer.
  • Only use your sledge hammer for the use it was intended for.


  • Always repair any damage, chips, or nicks to your sledge hammer before using.
  • Store your hammer in a cool, dry place.
  • If you have a wooden handle, oil as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid leaving your sledge hammer outside where it is susceptible to weather damage, rust, or corrosion.
  • If your hammer becomes rusted, discontinue use until it can be restored.


Sledge hammers are strong and powerful tools with many uses. From breaking down drywall, to uninstalling and breaking up cement. These tools can be found with a variety of features and qualities to choose from. These hand held smashing machines are worth investing in for both small and large jobs. They have the power and force needed to dislodge materials that have been in place for years.

Sledge hammers are able to produce a lot of force per swing and accomplish demolition work or for use in driving stakes, rail ties or other hard materials into the ground. They can be purchased in a variety of weights to accommodate the different strengths of users as well as the size of the job. These tools are compact enough making them easy to store and transport as needed.