A Sabre saw, or jigsaw as they are also known, is a power tool that is used to make straight and curved cuts in many different materials.  It is very popular among woodworkers due to the intricate designs and shapes one can cut with it.

The Makita 4329K Jigsaw is a high quality power tool that has three orbital settings along with straight cutting functions.

The large trigger allows for easy operation and the variable speed range is from 500 rpm to 3100 rpm that can be adapted to a number of different projects.

The dust cover keeps wood chips away from the user.  The dust cover slides out of the way so the user can replace the blades easily and quickly.  The built in dust post can be attached to a vacuum to lower the amount of dust that is flying around during the cutting process. The variable speed control dial allows speed adjustment for different cutting projects.

Decibel level is 82db so it is not overly loud. The 3.9 amp motor provides plenty of power and the durable, die-cast aluminum base bevel csn cut 45 degrees right or left with a positive stop that is at 90 degrees.  This allows a solid, reliable cutting performance for the user.  The weight of the Sabre saw is 4.2 pounds and is light enough to not cause undue hand fatigue.

The rubberized grip is ergonomic in design and provides comfort and good control.   This power tool has a counterweight balancing system that is engineered for reduced vibration.  Over all this is an excellent tool that works for a number of woodworking projects using a number of different materials.


This Makita 4329K is the perfect Sabre saw for professional woodworkers, cabinetmakers, and residential construction workers who require a compact cutting tool that is superior in performance.  It provides the flexibility that is needed in many construction and craft projects.

In addition to straight cuts, a Sabre saw is good for curved cuts, crosscuts, ripping, beveling and plunge cuts as well.  Jigsaws can be used to cut many different materials including wood, light metals, plastic, ceramic tile, drywall and more.


There are several features that are a part of an excellent Sabre saw. These are the things you want to look for when you are shopping and that are a part of the Makita 4329K.

One of the most important features that are a part of a high quality Sabre saw is performance.  The power it has is determined by the amps and voltage it has. Amps of 3 to 4 are great for light to medium sized projects.  It is the best for those who like DIU projects.  If you want a professional grade tool you will look for 5 amps or more.

When it comes to voltage, 18-20 volts are usually just right for basic at home models that are cordless.  Cordless models can have up to a 36 volt battery.  If you’re a professional looking for a good Sabre saw to add to your tools, you will want to look at corded varieties because of the constant, immense power they possess.

Variable speed capabilities are necessary for anyone who uses one of these great tools.  The speed control helps the user cut through a variety of different materials without being slowed down. When thicker, harder material is being used, a slower speed is better, but thinner, softer materials do better on high speeds.   Getting a Sabre saw with different speeds allows the user to cut a variety of materials.

Another important feature is adjustable angle settings.  Being able to cut at different angles is always more convenient and since a lot of what is cut with a Sabre saw is curves, the ability to cut angles easily is an important one. If you want quick angle adjustments look for a Sabre saw that advertises “easy to adjust.”

There are two different grips that Sabre saws have: D style and barrel.  The look of the handles resembles the names.  In a D-style grip, they look like the letter D and the user can put their hand around the grip.

The barrel grip Sabre saw is not as comfortable to hold or use but it does allow for a stronger hold since the bottom portion of the tool is held onto.  Some of them have convertible handles that offer a D style handle that is detachable so you can have both choices in one unit.

Additional features that may come with your Sabre saw include built in lasers for accurate cuts all the time, auto-stop, an attachable dust collector, a lighted power on plug and a storage case to keep it in when you are not using it.


We did a lot of research when we chose our top pick.  We started off doing a general search for Sabre saws. This provided us with all the features that a good quality Sabre saw has.  We also looked at DIY blogs and forums, tool magazines, woodworking magazines and talked to industry experts that use Sabre saws on a regular basis.  Next, we looked at customer comments and feedback to see what they had to say about third part tool.  All of this information was compared among several available models and the Makita 4329K came out on top.



Item weight4.2 lbs
Power sourceAC
Wattage450 watts
Included componentsbare tool only
Batteries included?No
Battery required?No
Warranty1 year warranty

WHO ELSE LIKES IT? writes “Jig Saw (4329K) from Makita. It utilizes 3 orbital settings plus a straight cutting setting, which allows for a variety of cuts.” also writes “The Makita Top Handle Jig Saw combines power, a compact design and convenient ease-of-use features with durability for a saw that can handle a wide range of cutting applications.”

Amazon gives the Makita 4329K Sabre Saw 4.7 out of 5 from 101 reviews.  Read what one customer has to say “I love this jig saw has great power very good grip well built with great quality fun to use solid a great purchase very happy seller did a great job in all areas well done Thank You.


If you need a professional grade sabre saw, the Bosch Js470E is just what you’re looking for. This top handle jigsaw (another name for sabre saw) features a tool-less blade change system that makes changing out the blades super simple.  The ambidextrous lock-on button prevents you from having to hold the trigger down the whole time you are using it.

A variable speed dial is convenient and allows you to adjust the speed to the project you are working on.  The large, sturdy, die-cast foot has a steel insert and provides a lot of sturdiness.  Other features include

  • an exclusive, multi-directional blade clamp
  •  internal precision control
  •  constant response circuitry
  •  four orbital action settings
  • Adjustable dust blower
  • Ergonomic top handle
  • Non-marring overshoe
  • Anti-splinter insert
  • Blade
  • Bevel wrench
  • A carrying case

This heavy duty jigsaw provides all who use it power, durability and precision that can’t be beat.  The aluminum footplate and industrial design stands up to the toughest jobs including being dropped.  The 7.0 amp top rated motor provides plenty of power and the no load smp has a range from 500 to 3100 rpm and up to 60 Hz.

You’ll be able to cut wood up to 5 7/8”, aluminum up to 7/8” and mild steel up to 3/8”.  With the constant response circuitry feature, you will have a consistency that is professional grade. The four orbital action settings means you can find the perfect blade stroke whether it’s smooth or aggressive cuts.

Thanks to the tool less blade ejection you won’t have to deal with hot blades when you need to change them out.   The Bosch sabre saw is also designed for low vibration which gives you smooth operation and accuracy.  It’s the perfect addition to any woodworker’s tool box whether professional or amateur.


Position Tool Amperage RPM Warranty (Years)
Black & Decker Speed
Black & Decker
18 V
Craftsman Evolv


Maintenance is an important part of owning power tools.  Without proper maintenance, the tool can get dirty, bogged down by dust and other debris and stop working properly.  In some cases not maintaining the tools can cause them to stop altogether.  Every power tool has a user’s manual that will give you the required maintenance schedule.  Sometimes it can be just one or two things and other times the tool might require more regular maintenance.  Keeping to this schedule also maintains any warranties in place.  We’ve listed maintenance tips below to keep your Makita 4329K sabre saw in tiptop shape.

Safety Tips

Safety is also important regardless of the power tool you are using.  When care is not taken when operating power tools, injuries and accidents can result, sometimes of an extremely serious nature.  It is important to always follow the safety guidelines that are listed in the owner’s manual and follow general safety tips as well.  We’ve added them below for your convenience.

  • Keep work area clean and well lit so you can see clearly
  • Do not operate the sabre saw around flammable liquids, gases and dust
  • Don’t  modify the plug on the sabre saw in any way
  • Don’t use the sabre saw in the rain or wet, damp conditions
  • Never use the cord to carry, pull or unplug the saw
  •  Don’t use the sabre saw when tired, under the influence of alcohol, medications or drugs
  • Always wear eye protection when using the saw such as goggles or safety glasses. Regular glasses do not count
  • Always wear appropriate clothing when using the saw (nothing loose and flowing)
  • Keep long hair tied back when using the saw
  • Ensure the switch is in the off position before you plug the saw in to avoid accidental starts
  • Remove adjusting key or wrench before turning the power tool on
  • If there are devices provided for dust control make sure they are properly connected and used to reduce the amount of sawdust in the workshop
  • If the on/off switch does not turn the saw on, get it fixed or replaced, don’t just use the plug to turn it on.
  • Keep out of reach of children at all times
  • Follow the maintenance schedule
  • Hold the sabre saw by the handle and keep clear of the blade
  • Use clamps to secure a piece you’re working on and not your body, hand or someone else’s hand
  • Watch out for nails in the pieces you’re working with. Remove any nails present in the wood before cutting
  • Don’t try and cut a piece that is too big for the saw
  • Don’t touch the saw to the work piece before it is turned on
  • Don’t lay the tool down while running
  • Don’t carry the tool while it is on
  • Don’t touch the blade after using the saw to avoid getting burned

Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure saw is unplugged before performing inspections and maintenance
  • Keep tool clean and wiped off after each use
  • Don’t use chemical solvents to clean
  • Inspect the saw before every use
  • Inspect cords and plugs before every use
  • Don’t submerge tool to clean it
  • If something seems off when turning on the saw, don’t use it.


Sabre saws, or jigsaws as they are also called, are a very valuable part of any professional woodworker’s tool box.  They are crucial for cutting circles, curves and very intricate designs that other saws can’t cut.  The Makita 4329K is an excellent top rated sabre saw that you will be able to use for a multitude of projects.

If you need something better suited for professional work we have the Bosch’s JS470E that is perfect for professional use on the job site or in the workshop.