If it’s a well thought out design along with a top-notch performance is what you are what you are after, then you have met your match with the Makita BSS501 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-3/8-Inch Circular Trim Saw Kit. This unit consolidates cordless cutting power with minimal weight in a compact sized unit. More so, the BSS501 comes with a Makita-built high-torque motor and delivers a 2-inch maximum cutting capacity that makes it stand out from the conventional circular saws on the market. With its Makita-Built Motor that is engineered for Versatile Power, the BSS501 can deliver 3600 RPM for effective and efficient cutting. On the same account, the saw also comes with a 50-degree maximum bevel cutting capacity that is produced using a stainless steel base plate for precise and smooth cutting along with sufficient durability. What is more outstanding is that this unit only weighs 5.7 pounds, has a compact design that stands at 14.5 inches along with an ergonomic shape that makes it fit a like a glove thereby making it ideal for extensive periods of time. Best of all, the BSS501 also comes equipped with an inbuilt LED that provides sufficient light for the working area for more user convenience when working. Additionally, this saw helps reduce the workload on the user with its inbuilt dust blower that is designed to mitigate the effects of debris that has been cut. Users will also appreciate that the blade Wrench stows away for convenient blade changing. It also comes with a simple to use design along with superior safety features that easily qualify it as a paragon of user-friendly engineering.


They are quieter, compact sized and involve minimal assembly than their corded counterparts. Cordless circular saws are ideal for small scale jobs such as making shelves and producing precise cuts of doors. Cordless saws are light and robust types of saw that are perfect for professional woodworkers and carpenters as well. The unit is perfect for builders along with any other competent individual who wants to make overhead cuts, through a light material, in tight spaces that can`t typically be achieved with the conventional circular saw. Since the Makita BSS501 has a robust motor, professionals can easily customize the blade to suit their unique needs.


One of the most important aspects to take into account when selecting a cordless circular saw is the position of the blade. The typical design of most models of circular saws is underscored by the inclusion of a cutting blade on either side of the given saw. More so, a significant number of saws are more dynamic in functionality in that they provide the user with both options of placing the cutting blade on the preferred side. Similar to their corded counterparts, cordless types of saws are typically available with a worm drive or perhaps a sidewinder.

To be specific Sidewinders can be used to handle sets over the blade and the blade tends to be positioned on the right section of the saw. However, while sidewinders tend to be unbalanced in the users hands, the saw will deliver more balance especially when the user adjusts their weight behind the blade. In most cases, sidewinders normally have a quicker spin rate and are small sized than the other version of saws known as the worm drives. On the contrary, the worm drive saw features a blade that has been placed on the rear section of the blade. In particular, the cutting blade is placed on the left section of the saw, thereby making it easy to access especially for individuals used to the right-hand side. However, a cordless saw that comes with a left sided blade is that the center of gravity of the saw falls on the redundant side of the cut, thereby making the saw unbalanced. Worm drives tend to be heavier than sidewinders and typically provide more force as well.

The circumference of the blade plays a significant role in determining the size of the saw. Furthermore, the overall functionality of the saw is determined by the average range of depth of the cut both in the vertical and 45-degree angle as well. The size of the saw blade is directly independent on the cutting capability. Aside from blades that are ideal for wood type materials, other blade types are used in cutting harder material such as aluminum, metal, stainless steel and ceramic tiles as well. Another important aspect that makes a good blade is the average number of teeth available on the blade. Therefore, it is important to select a blade with more teeth since it is more likely to make finer cuts as when compared to a blade with reduced number of teeth. Aside from the blade circumference and the type of blade, it is equally important that you evaluate the unit for the kerf construction. Simply put, the Kerf is the length of the cut, and the length of the Kerf plays a significant role in the energy efficient of a blade when cutting material. Perhaps one other important feature of the ideal Cordless Circular Saw is the power of the battery. For instance, a circular saw that comes with a 24v lithium ion battery and a robust charger is ideal for occasional or small scale jobs. Another important aspect of the battery capacity should be the ability to provide exceptional power with a minimal amount of charging time for user convenience.


The process of selecting our top Cordless Pick was systematic and involved the use of a broad spectrum of research techniques. For instance, we started with the prevalent shopping websites such as Amazon with the evaluation of the overall customer ratings with regards to the feature set of the unit. Additionally, we also consulted various types of professionals including carpenters to gain some more insight into some of the ideal functionalities they would require in the ideal saw. We also went on to review the most of the reviews posted for the product and did well to consider all aspects that the customers found beneficial. On the same account, we also performed some research on the popular opinions and authority blogs as well. The blogs typically provide a more comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of a given product, thereby making them ideal for our top pick search regime.



Item Model NumberBSS501
Item Weight5.7 Pounds
Product Dimensions14.3 x 7.2 x 7.9 inches
Power SourceCordless Saw
Voltage Amount12 Volts
Item Package Quantity1
Included ComponentsBare Tool
Batteries IncludedYes 18V LXT
Batteries RequiredYes
Customer Rating on Amazon4.5 out of 5 stars
Shipping Weight16.4 pounds
Speed3600 RPM
L.E.D includedYes
Inbuilt dust blower includedYes
Blade Diameter5-3/8
Overall Length14-3/8


The mentions that is by far one of the most robust cordless circular saws on the market. Furthermore, it is also silent in operations and is compact size without compromising on the functionality of the unit. has also rated this as one of the best cordless saws on the market that not only comes with a robust 3,600RPM motor, but it also comes with benevolent additions such as the ergonomic design and the LED lights that do well to illuminate the work are space.

On the popular product website, the product has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with most of the reviews being extremely positive. In fact, according to one review posted by a customer on the website, “the Makita BSS501is robust, well balanced and silent in operation. It is also easy to use, and cordless functionality makes it ideal for any project. More so, the inclusion of the robust battery provides sufficient power with minimal charging time.”


If you were seeking a saw with industrial grade power as well as advanced features, then an excellent suggestion for you would be the Hilti 03477323 WSC 7.25-A CPC 36-volt Cordless Circular Saw. This 36-volt Hilti disc cutter makes easy work of even out of the most resilient materials and can even be used to cut re-enforced concrete, brick and stones as well.

This is because it comes with a robust motor along with a well thought out design that makes it ideal for cutting materials. With its no-load speed motor of 4000rpm, this heavy-duty motor is tailor made for any professional applications and the superior motor design releases no fumes thereby making it ideal for enclosed areas. Additionally, the Hilti 03477323 also comes with an ergonomic soft grip, rear and front support handles that are well positioned to help in accurate cutting in both vertical and horizontal modes. The inclusion of the safety guard that is full adjustable makes it easy to use and carry.

Since it’s supplied with a 7-1/4 inch blade diameter, this disc cutter can provide superior quality 2.6-inch max cutting depth through incremental and progressive cutting. It also comes with a spindle lock mechanism that allows the blade replacement procedure to a straightforward and quick process.


Position Tool Speed (RPM) Blade Diameter (Inches) Warranty (Years)
Makita BSS501
Makita XSS02Z
Big Foot Tools
Makita SH02R1


Since this cordless saw is a mechanical tool that comprises of various parts that work together to produce results, implementing the correct care use and maintenance regime has its inherent benefits. Simply put, your saw is more effective and provides long-lasting results for your unique cutting needs. Here are some of the Safety and Maintenance Tips worth taking into account for your Cordless Saw:

Safety Tips

  • Ensure that the saw is off before you start working on any material
  • Put on the appropriate safety equipment such as goggles, safety mask gloves and an overall each time
  • Keep your saw far away from the reach of children and pets
  • Avoid touching the working components of the saw at all times
  • Consider your fire safety regulations and strategies
  • If others are close during usage, ensure that they have safety equipment on
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry
  • Avoid answering your cell phone when using the blade
  • If you have long hair, ensure that you tie it well to avoid entanglement with the saw

Maintenance Tips

  • Perform an evaluation of the inner components of the unit every once in a while
  • Never allows water or any liquid to get into the interior of the saw
  • Use an air compressor to blow dust from the unit
  • Ensure that you store the saw in a safe place away from falls and high impact forces
  • If the saw is for wood cutting blade re-sharpen every once in a while and if it’s for cutting metal or concrete, ensure you replace the blade early enough
  • Only use the recommended accessories and ensure they are correctly installed each time
  • Wipe down the unit with a damp clothing each time after use
  • If the saw makes any funny noises in operations, switch it off immediately and evaluate the functionality
  • Avoid using the saw for other applications other than for cutting material such as wood, metal, and concrete.


All things considered, cordless circular saws are an excellent investment for those who want convenient yet professional grade cuts on their material. In this case, the added benefit for the user is that the saw not only comes with safety features but with benevolent additions such as an ergonomic design and LED lights that illuminate the work area as well. The ergonomic design makes it easy to balance the saw when in use and helps ensure that the user is not fatigued even after an extensive duration of time. Since these types of are mechanical tools that are sometimes under high forces and torques, it is imperative the user implements the appropriate safety regime to ensure a smooth usage procedure each time.