Many people enjoy the beauty of dragonflies. Native Americans and ancient Samurai associate dragonflies with prosperity and happiness. In North American culture, dragonflies are most commonly referred to as a sign of good luck. Some people in Chinese culture, actually believe the dragonfly is a dragonfly spirit sent to aid you through life’s struggles. On the other hand, some people, especially those of you who are pool owners, think that dragonflies are nothing but a nuisance and you might be looking for a good way to get rid of them. A herd of dragonflies will quickly turn a pool party sour when they dive bomb you and your guests. They do not bite or sting, but they have been known to leave large red welts, from pelting into you at high speeds.

Dragonflies fly in packs to feed, and while they eat mosquitos and other biting insects you don’t want around, they will lay their eggs in your pool or garden pond. Keeping dragonflies around as a form of natural pest control is ideal, but it could prove problematic if you own a pool or have a pond on your property. Even though dragonflies cannot bite or sting you; they do fly at speeds of up to 36 miles per hour in six different directions and have been known to dive bomb people in the pool or on the patio, which can be scary and kind of intimidating. Female dragonflies will swoop down and touch their bellies to the water. Skimming the top of the water is how female dragonflies lay their larvae in ponds, birdbaths and swimming pools. If you really want to get rid of dragonflies you can try some of these simple solutions:


Some people inadvertently do things to attract dragonflies. Therefore, if you don’t want dragonflies around you need to do the opposite. Make your pool area and yard less appealing to dragonflies. This means getting rid of standing water where you can. Dump out the stagnant water of birdbaths, fountains and pet dishes frequently. Make sure you empty any rainwater that collects to keep the population of mosquitoes to a minimum. Dragonflies feed on mosquitoes; if they don’t have the food to eat dragonflies will more than likely overlook your yard. Keeping both your pool and hot tub clean and covered, when they aren’t in use, is also important. Make sure that you keep your pool area free of standing water as well.


If your dragonfly problem area is a garden pond or larger pond; add in some predators. There are many different predators that enjoy dragonflies as their prey. Frogs will be happy to eat any dragonflies that cross their path. You can also try adding fish like bass to your pond or fountain. They will also enjoy snacking on dragonflies that land on the surface. Adding fish to your pond will also eliminate dragonfly larvae. The fish will eat all of the larvae that the female dragonfly lays on the surface of the water. You can’t do this in your pool, but it will make a tremendous difference near your properties pond or in your garden pond.


Some of you may have way too many dragonflies than you can handle. It is not considered an infestation, but dragonflies reproduce at a rapid rate. Just a few can turn into a whole bunch in a matter of time. If you are unsuccessful with trying to ward off dragonflies on your own, it may be time to call in your local professional exterminator. They can come to your home or property and take a look at the best treatment option. Most times it involves a thorough insecticide spray. Sometimes the treatment needs to be repeated a few times to keep dragonflies at bay. Since dragonflies are only around during the warmer months, this won’t have to be a year-round treatment.

No matter what the reason, there are a number of ways to get rid of unwanted dragonflies. Always remember to keep a tidy yard, garden or pool area. Do not allow standing water to sit for very long as it will attract mosquitos, which in turn attract dragonflies. You can use these methods as a form of prevention and also to keep your dragonflies at bay.