If you are planning on finishing your basement, chances are you have a lot of decisions to make regarding everything from flooring and fixtures to paint colors and furniture options. You might even have to break out your caulking gun. However, one of the many things that homeowners tend to overlook when finishing off their basement is what they are going to do with their stairs.

Finishing your stairs to your basement can make or break your budget, but it can also make or break the entire look of your newly upgraded space. After all, one of the first things that people will see when they visit your newly remodeled basement is your new stairs. With this in mind, here are some of our favorite options for finishing your basement stairs off in style, some of them are even DIY.


All wood stairs are a really popular option for many basements, especially if you are looking to make a entrance with your basement stairway. Depending on your style, you can go with a nice, finished, stained wood for an elegant look or an unfinished wood like a plywood if you are planning on having a more rustic basement. There are so many different colors and options for wood stairs, and you can have them stained to match any existing wood flooring you may have in your home or that you may be adding to your basement.

While there are more budget-friendly options, all wood stairs are sure to make a statement in any basement home. Make sure you have a portable generator on stand-by when you tackle any home project.


Wood stairs are popular no matter look you are going for. Risers can add a sense of style to your wood stairs. Risers can add contrast to all wood stairs. Typically, risers are white, but if you want to add your own personal flare, you can make them virtually any color you want. Plus, wood stairs are easy to clean and much simpler to maintain than carpeting that may stain easily.

Wood stairs can vary in price, but many times the addition of the risers actually makes hardwood floor stairs less expensive.


There is nothing as warm and welcoming for a new basement remodel than some nice carpeting. If you are creating a family gathering space or TV room that will have nice lush carpeting in it, then this is a great way to start setting the tone for your basement. Carpet is not only soft and lush, but it is a great option for homeowners who have kids running up and down the stairs who may trip and fall on more slippery stair options.

Carpet can vary in price depending on the style you want, but with stairs it is typically better to go with something that is more durable since your stairs will likely see a lot of foot action.


Finishing a basement can mean different things to different homeowners. If you are planning on finishing off your basement so it is a work shop or project area, then you may opt for an all cement basement floor. Cement floors with high-gloss finishes are also becoming popular in more modern style homes. If you have this type of flooring in your new basement, why not set the tone with cement stairs. They are easy to clean and great if you are planning on tracking mud up and down your new basement stairs.

Another great perk of cement stairs? They are very budget friendly if you are trying to stick to a specific price range.


If you are a fan of more eclectic styles and want to make a statement with your stairs, then tiled is the way to go. Tiled stairs can help you give off a Mediterranean vibe in your home or even a Tuscan feel.

You can tile the entire stair or just the front portion, also known as the risers. With tiled stairs, you can also enjoy a surface that is easy to clean and maintain, although this can be one of the more expensive options for your newly updated staircase.


Rubber stairs are one of the newer flooring options for basement stairs and are a great option to explore if you are using your basement more for projects, exercising or crafts instead of creating a more luxurious finished environment. Rubber stairs are affordable and ultra-durable, similar to cement. However, unlike cement they are a little softer and more forgiving, which can be a factor if you have little ones climbing up and down your stairs.

One of the best things about rubber is that no matter how much dirt and grime you get on them, you can wash them away with a little water and they will look as good as new.