A finished off basement can be a magical place for the entire family to relax, unwind and enjoy some time together. The basement can also be all about fun! If you really want to spice up your finished basement and make it a fun place for the entire family, why not transform your underground space into a fun and functional game room?

If you take the time to really plan out your game room, you can not only make sure that it is fun, but that it has room for storage, fits in with the look of the rest of your home and really captures your individual needs as a family.

This can be a major transformation for your basement, and you may not even know where to begin with this type of project. The good news is, we have some ideas for how to add a game room to your basement that is fun for the whole family but still stylish and functional for your basement. Don’t worry, you won’t need a drill press for these projects. With this in mind, here are just a few game room ideas to help you get started.


If your version of a game room is all about board games, then creating the perfect setting in your basement can be a breeze. The first thing you will need is plenty of storage, so consider adding some built-ins where you can store all of your different games, pieces and accessories so that everything has a spot. You of course will also need some tables for your playing surface. While one main game table in the heart of the room may be enough for your family, consider whether or not you plan on entertaining—you might want to add multiple spaces for all of your gaming fun.


For some people, the “love of the game” is about more than video games and board games, it is just as much about sports. If you want to create a fun game room that is all about gathering and supporting your favorite team why not go all in with a sports themed game room? You can theme your room around your favorite professional or college team, or even your hometown high school team. The opportunities are endless in terms of décor, but make sure that the centerpiece of your room is room for an extra-large television for watching the game and plenty of seating so everyone can enjoy the big game when it comes on.


If you love playing old-fashion arcade games, then why not make your game room an arcade theme? You need to make sure that you have plenty of space for all of your games. In order to make sure that you keep the space looking organized without seeming cluttered, consider keeping the arcade games in an organized manner along the wall, with an open space in the middle. You can really add to the theme of the room by adding décor that fits with your arcade theme. The key is just to make sure there is plenty of space to move around and get from game to game.


Love to play cards? Then your game room can be designed with your card-loving ways in mind. Make sure there are poker tables with plenty of seating in your basement room, and if you like to enjoy a cocktail while you play, why not add a bar or wet bar to make it easy for you and your fellow guests to enjoy a nice drink while you play? This can transform your basement game room into the ultimate poker den and the perfect entertaining spot.


A pool table is one of the most popular additions to any game room and can be a real show-stopping center to your game room. In addition to making sure that you have the space for your pool table. Consider wall storage for all of your pool sticks and accessories. It not only saves you space but is a fun way to add some wall décor and style to your basement area. As you design your billiards basement, remember that a good light fixture over your pool table is essential to bringing your new room together.

No matter which way you choose to design your new game room, these ideas can all help you create the perfect space for all of your gaming needs.